Structures and spaces that bring our clients’ visions to life.

From innovative new buildings to historically sensitive restorations, Wight & Company gives form to diverse architectural projects. We create spaces that are unique expressions of their context and community, delighting our clients and maximizing their investment.

Our architectural team works collaboratively to bring a comprehensive, multidimensional approach to every project.

The buildings and spaces we design:

  • Achieve their purpose and functional requirements while remaining highly flexible for future changes.
  • Honor the local context while taking advantage of modern technologies and materials.
  • Reflect the spirit of the individuals and communities that will occupy and experience them.

​At the heart of everything we do is a drive for design excellence. Our award-winning architects are recognized for their problem-solving skills and ability to tackle every challenge with a fresh and creative perspective. From concept to occupancy, we understand the value of engaging our clients in the planning process and establishing mutual goals so their vision is accurately reflected throughout the project.

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