We embrace the art of architecture and design.

Wight & Company has a rich history of connecting and communicating with our clients through our craft. Whether in the form of a hand sketch, a three-dimensional model, or the detail expressed in an expertly designed and constructed building, our focus on quality and creativity has always been the foundation of our aspiration to exceed client expectations.

Knowing how to discover the ideal design solution is a skill in itself. Our teams spend time early in the process getting to know our clients. We sketch together, participate in workshops together, and build prototypes together. 

Our hands-on approach facilitates an iterative creative process that hones in on design solutions that are ideally suited to our clients’ unique needs and aspirations.

We lead with questions, not answers. Our active listening and clear, two-way communication with all team members continues through design, construction, and move-in. This inclusive process with all stakeholders allows us to quickly respond to changing requirements and to design enduring buildings and spaces.