Design & Delivery

Our integrated Design & Delivery approach keeps projects on budget through continuous cost input, improves delivery speed, and ultimately creates better projects that lead to long-term, productive client relationships.


What is Design & Delivery?
Wight & Company pioneered an approach that allows us to explore innovative design ideas while also raising the bar related to design deliverables. By seamlessly integrating in-house expertise in visualization technology, documentation, and implementation early in the traditional design process, we are able to improve the quality of final drawings and more clearly communicate design intent to construction teams. Our approach results in a more efficient process, as well as reduced changed orders and overall cost savings for our clients. The time and money saved through this process innovation is then reinvested into our ongoing efforts to produce consistent world-class design.


A Fresh Approach
75 years after our founding, we thought it was time to take a fresh look at the way we design and deliver projects. Wight’s pioneering Design & Delivery model connects the right talent, technology, and resources to create extraordinary environments and deliver outstanding client experiences. Some highlights of our approach include:

  • It starts with bringing the right team to the table. For every assignment, we engage those with the experience, knowledge, and creativity to develop innovative Design & Delivery solutions best suited to our clients’ unique needs and culture. Early on, we engage in internal “share-ettes” to inspire creativity and allow projects to develop in a highly immersive design environment. 
  • Design excellence lies at the heart of what we do. Inspired creativity provides the spark for each assignment. But design isn’t an island; from the start, the design team works in concert with the team charged with ultimately delivering on the vision. In this way, we can provide immediate feedback to our clients on the potential impact of proposed changes on cost and schedule. Our clients can immediately see and feel the benefits of this early collaboration. 
  • We deliver high-quality drawings that clearly communicate design intent. True project delivery tasks – beginning with construction documentation – are no longer led by designers. Rather, documentation and implementation tasks are overseen by highly technical project architects that are closely connected to the construction, or “Delivery,” side of our business. 
Maximizing Use of Visualization Technology
The success of our Design & Delivery process relies upon our ability to collaborate on projects in real time and space through the virtual world of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D-software programs such as Revit, Bentley, and SketchUp. While these BIM programs have revolutionized the way architecture, engineering, and construction industries interact with one another, Wight & Company has taken 3D visualization a step further through the use of cutting-edge, immersive technologies that enhance the client experience. Supported by digital and physical tools, we offer our clients the most innovative visualization opportunities, bringing their projects to life through virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming technologies and various interactive models. These technologies allow our design teams to accurately depict the true experience of a building, realistically communicating the final design before a project ever breaks ground.  


No one ever achieved creative success by simply clinging to what used to work. You’ll never stumble upon the unexpected if you stick only to the familiar. The past should be our teacher, not our master.

Ed Catmull, Creativity, Inc.