The role of the library continues to evolve, to become much more than a repository of knowledge. Today, civic groups, small businesses, students, and families visit their local library to gather together, take classes, attend programs, get assistance with research, and learn how to use current technology. They’re taking advantage of quiet spaces for contemplation and study, as well as open spaces that encourage interaction and collaboration. Today’s libraries are adapting or being newly designed to reflect the shifting use patterns and developing trends that continue to increase their relevance within their communities.  Wight’s library designers and builders are at the forefront of working with communities so that they can benefit from what their libraries can offer.

Our team offers a breadth of experience in library projects large and small, from the development of feasibility studies, site and needs assessments, master plans, and building architecture, to interior renovations and construction of new facilities. Our recent combination with Lohan Anderson blends their design legacy and knowledge of the latest trends in public library spaces with Wight’s focus on innovation, enhancing our mission to design, engineer, and deliver world class projects.

Diligent, thorough, and dedicated personal attention throughout all phases of a project is one of our hallmarks. Our experience in quality library Design & Delivery and our personal dedication to the mission and relevance of public libraries aids our clients in further developing, and then realizing, their important goals.

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