Seaton Computing Center: Part One

Whether or not you are familiar with the original Seaton Computing Center (SCC) at the College of DuPage, it is nearly impossible to believe that the recently renovated building is not an entirely new structure. The original 18,500 sf building, completed in 1990, was a foreboding, bunker-like concrete structure that was not only visually outdated and unwelcoming, but it no longer accommodated the innovative, collaborative and flexible teaching and learning styles utilized by The College of DuPage.

At Wight & Company, we take great pride in our long history of collaboration with the College of DuPage, which began in 1978. Today, Wight & Company and College of DuPage have joined forces again to usher the SCC into the 21st century. Funded by a $168 million 2010 referendum passed by voters in District 502, the $7 million renovation will be dramatic, integrating the building’s high-tech image with its neighboring facilities (including the Student Resource Center (SRC), the Berg Instructional Center (BIC) and the Health and Science Center (HSC) and transforming its interior into a cutting-edge, collaborative space that celebrates the students and faculty who use the SCC everyday.

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