Seaton Computing Center: Part Three

Imagine if computer technology students today were still learning on machines and programs from 1990. It seems unthinkable, considering how far technology has advanced in the past two decades. In fact, the Internet wasn’t even officially commercialized for users until 1995, five years after the Seaton Computing Center (SCC) at College of DuPage was constructed.



At the rate at which our world is evolving, today’s computer technology students and faculty require the most collaborative academic spaces. With this in mind, the newly renovated SCC is an educational environment where cutting edge, experimental, and highly specialized computer applications can be learned.



The SCC is structured into specialized clusters that include high-tech classrooms, a visual and simulation lab, networking hardware labs, a server/internetworking lab, software/web development labs, and end-user labs. The new environment provides students with a dynamic collection of resources that can be shared between three program areas (Computer Information Services, Computer and Internetworking Technologies, and Office Technology Information programs), and includes an open work area to promote student engagement and collaboration. Computer classrooms can better accommodate the teaching and developing of internet/web applications and game applications. 



The SCC itself is designed to celebrate and gives visibility to these classes, while making the space more academically challenging and exciting.