Seaton Computing Center: Part Four

The $168 million master plan for College of DuPage included many renovations and additions to 1980s-era campus buildings. Supported by a long-standing relationship with College of DuPage, Wight & Company is providing design and renovation services for the McAninch Arts Center and, of course, the Seaton Computing Center – and both of these buildings will be completed within a few months of one another. Providing design services for multiple campus buildings simultaneously presents a host of exciting challenges when determining how to establish clear continuity, while still giving each building its own identity.

Establishing this unified campus feel was a top priority for College of DuPage. This was especially true for the Seaton Computing Center (SCC) – a building that did not fit in well with the overall campus master plan until very recently. The incorporation of glass and natural light throughout the SCC will give a sense of transparency between both the activities taking place within and the hustle and bustle of campus life outside.

The 25-year-old McAninch Arts Center (or MAC, as it has been nicknamed) is undergoing major renovations. The building is home to three performance spaces, an art gallery, and academic classrooms for Theater, Music, Art, Film, Photography, and Graphic Design. It is a beloved building on campus and within the community, often playing host to internationally renowned performers and artists.

Similar to the Seaton Computing Center, the $35 million MAC renovation will help to unify the campus through the use of glass and natural light, placing emphasis on a canopied main entrance which will welcome visitors, students, and faculty into the space. This transparency is a unifying element between both renovated buildings.

The Ticket Office will be moved to a more visible location, improving circulation and wait times. A new concessions and bar area are also planned, as well as upgrades to all of the classrooms and hallways – which will offer more opportunities for discussion and improve lighting.

Through both of these projects – Seaton Computing Center and the McAninch Arts Center – Wight & Company and College of DuPage have teamed together to ensure an exciting and unified future for the campus.