Tales of an Intern - Hareem Dar

Being a part of Wight & Company as a transportation intern was one of the best real-life engineering experiences of my life. I learned about Wight when I went to the career fair in Spring 2014. I was very eager to join the team since Wight offers a collaborative work environment for engineers, architects, and construction experts. 

As a recent college graduate, becoming part of Wight has helped me understand various branches of engineering, architecture, and business as well as the cooperation necessary for a successful project completion. My time at Wight has given me experience with projects related to transportation engineering including roads, pavements, and bridges, and I have worked on variety of these projects throughout my seven months with the company.  I started working on actual project work the very first day, and was guided by my supervisors and mentored on regular basis. My team was very supportive and  the entire staff was willing to help with the challenges I faced as an intern, as well as talking through new ideas. The overall positive atmosphere of Wight added more interest and enjoyment to my work. 

I was given the opportunity to participate in a math and science conference for young female students where we delivered a presentation about ‘Women in Engineering’ and formulated activities for them. I also often met with other interns to learn about their projects and work. We got to interact with each other through the Lunch & Learn programs and also by taking various site tours, which were informative and fun at the same time. The Interior Design Exhibition and UNO Soccer Academy High School tour were two of my favorite times with the interns, not to mention the relaxing and fun social experiences of going together to a baseball game and jazz concert; that made my summer extra special. All the activities, trips, tours, and events made me feel like I was part of Wight’s family.

Overall it was an unforgettable time working with a very friendly, passionate group of people, at an unforgettable place to learn about new ideas, and make great new friends and fun memories.

By Hareem Dar, Wight & Company Intern 2014