AIA Illinois Highlights Wight & Company's Design Legacy at Joliet Central High School

AIA Illinois shares the story behind Joliet Central High School’s historical significance, as well as news regarding recent upgrades and expansions.

“In recent years, Wight & Company has served the Joliet Township High School District 204 on projects such as complete window replacement, installation of a complete new HVAC system in the previously un-cooled building, historic door restoration, historically sympathetic classroom and field house additions and interior modernization projects.” 

“In 2014, school officials announced construction of a new Student Center to be designed by Wight & Company, which will be completed this year. The new addition will feature a three story connecting atrium space and a limestone facade and provide a much needed new cafeteria and student spaces.”

“ ‘While the main focus of the project is to meet the needs of a 21st Century education, the historical integrity of the 112-year-old building will also be preserved,’” said Thomas Roth, Senior Project Designer at Wight.


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