PK-12 Education

With an impeccable track record of success in the PK-12 market, Wight & Company blends superior client service with exceptional Design & Delivery.

Our extensive experience encompasses the design and construction of new schools; renovation, modernization, and expansion of existing campuses; and completion of life-safety and maintenance projects for a wide range of school districts.

Our in-house team of PK–12 experts provides single-source accountability while assuming the vast majority of risk associated with a capital improvement program. This collaborative approach eliminates the adversarial relationships that can exist between designers and constructors, and it streamlines the communication process to minimize costly change orders and scheduling delays.

With considerable expertise in all facility types, from early education through high school environments, we often enhance our approach through collaboration with strategic partners. Since educational trends are constantly changing, we are committed to bringing the best internal and external thought leadership to bear on every project and have built a strong reputation in the PK-12 education market for our ability to integrate and collaborate. 

We work closely with our clients to develop innovative student-centered environments that support teaching and learning and offer built-in flexibility to adapt to evolving future needs.

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