Headshot Brianne VanGorder, Engineer I


A community of the firm’s young professionals who share knowledge and experiences with each other.

PLACES (Pursuing Leadership in Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Sustainability) is a dynamic group of young professionals within Wight & Company who have five or fewer years of experience in the A/E/C industry. We’re dedicated to helping each other advance our careers, as well as make a meaningful contribution to both our company and the community at-large.

We meet regularly to discuss project challenges and lessons learned, explore industry developments and new technologies, and participate in professional development opportunities. We also participate in community-based and philanthropic activities, as well as social events, throughout the year.



  • To contribute to advancing the careers of Wight’s young professionals and emerging leaders.


  • Together, we collaborate to make a positive impact on our company, community, and careers.


Areas of Focus

  • Enrichment
  • Philanthropy
  • Professional development
  • Process innovation