Creating a prototypical design that allows individual bank branches to reflect the palette and culture of their neighborhood.

Branch Prototype
MB Financial Bank

MB Financial Bank commissioned Wight & Company to conduct a design study that analyzed ways to better position the bank within the competitive marketplace. The study focused on the entire customer experience and the need to create a “Branch of the Future.” While emphasis was placed on brand consistency and standards, flexibility within the prototype reflects MB Financial’s commitment to individual communities.

On the exterior, the prototype features a ‘non-facade’, a facade that is primarily glass, intended to create a welcoming and highly visible community face for the branch bank. Consistently, the interior elements and customer interaction areas showcase MB Financial’s brand and focus on service for those that pass by. The highly visible and transparent facade changes throughout the day and becomes an illuminated beacon at night. The interior elements are movable to offer dynamic dimension to the space. Large interior graphics reinforce the brand and local culture and become indirect ‘signage’ to the exterior.