The structural design incorporated a cast-in-place concrete structure to achieve an efficient and cost-effective design.

Engineering the structural aspects of a new mid-rise residential complex on Chicago’s far north side.

E2 Apartments
FitzGerald Associates Architects & Fifield Development
Evanston, IL

Fifield Companies and Fitzgerald Associates Architects selected Wight & Company to perform structural engineering services for the E2 Apartments in Evanston, Illinois. E2 Apartments consist of both a 16-story and 14-story residential tower, interconnected by a 4-story podium that houses a lobby, retail, parking, and an amenity deck. Post-tensioned two-way flat plates were used for the floor slabs in order to achieve long, column-free spaces at the residential floors and durable construction in the garage. We achieved cost savings and structural efficiency through low floor-to-floor heights, timely construction, and an attractive exposed concrete exterior