Planning for a new early childhood center that would put young students on a path of life-long learning.

Early Childhood Center
Blue Valley USD 229
Overland Park, KS

Blue Valley School District commissioned Wight & Company to serve as Lead Planner and Design Architect for a new Early Childhood Center (ECC). Working in partnership with a local architect, we led the programming and initial planning phase activities. The new ECC was envisioned to have one teacher and two para-educators in each classroom for about 15 students, evenly divided between at-risk and mainstream children. It also would have smaller classrooms with more intensely individualized instruction from which students can easily access the blended classes to practice their skills. The planning strategy organized the facility into three separate villages with communal spaces centrally arranged for ease of access by all users. Offices space on the second floor was planned to accommodate the District staff, as well as provide space for diagnostic services and collaboration activities.