Reimagining an existing high school campus with an eye towards finding new ways to support the daily learning experience.

Fenton High School
Fenton High School District 100
Bensenville, IL

Fenton High School’s Board of Education commissioned Wight & Company to envision ways that the school could be reconfigured and improved to enhance the learning experience of the student body and the instructional experience for the staff. Our year-long master planning effort resulted in a five-phased road map geared towards revitalizing the physical, psychological, and social ties that bind the Fenton community members together. The initial $13.9M implementation phase is comprised of renovations to the school’s Academic Research Center and expansions and renovations to the Student Commons/Cafeteria and Student Services Center, including a revamp of the main entrance.

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The Roadmap

The master plan facilitated a heightened awareness of the broader context in which the school exists. Our master plan recommended campus expansion with four additional general instruction rooms, including an innovation studio equipped for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) research and professional training scenarios. Our plan incorporated multiple large and small group spaces, furnished for flexibility and adaptation to differentiated learning styles and activities. Existing spaces were realigned to capitalize on shared resources and maximize square footage for instruction. Circulation routes were expanded and streamlined within the building and transitional nodes were created to accommodate club activities and spontaneous social interaction.

The Phase 1 implementation includes an 18,100-sf addition and 84,370 sf of renovations that will give a new face to the school, enhance connectivity to support services, and align the library with 21st Century learning.  This project is scheduled for completion in December 2015.  Subsequent phases will follow as funding allows.