We planned construction to avoid disruption of core services and keep the bus fleet moving.

Ensuring staff safety and maximized productivity while designing and reconstructing vital systems for an existing maintenance facility.

Forest Glen Bus Garage Pit Renovation
Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago, IL

When the maintenance pits of the Forest Glen Bus Garage facility had deteriorated to the point that they needed serious renovation, the CTA called upon Wight & Company to provide design and general contracting services. Avoiding disruption, or downtime, of core services was the primary challenge of this project; Wight was able to stage the construction in such a way that the garage staff were still able to do their jobs during the renovation. This dramatic reconstruction project focused on replacement of: existing concrete table tops; existing support columns; water, waste oil, and compressor lines; fire suppression system; and all pit lighting. Additionally, electrical upgrades were made to the existing panels, and new exhaust units were installed to increase clean air circulation in the pit area.