Constructing a modern fitness facility that serves the indoor recreation needs of the city and supports community health and wellness objectives.

Fort Hill Activity Center
Naperville Park District
Naperville, IL

The Naperville Park District commissioned Wight& Company to lead the construction management of the 78,500 sf Fort Hill Activity Center, which includes a track, athletic courts, gymnastics room, and fitness space. We collaborated closely with the design team (Williams Architects) to provide pre-construction services including cost estimation, schedule establishment, and constructability reviews. We also provided comprehensive bid and award phase services, such as trade package development, coordination with bidding contractors, and bid award recommendations. The project was delivered using a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMAX) Construction Manager At-Risk approach.

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Water Solution

As with many projects today, the Fort Hill Activity Center was required to have on-site water detention to address stormwater and erosion. Because of the site, it was initially thought that the detention pond would need to be very deep and include double retaining walls and guard rails for safety. After re-evaluating the basin design with the pre-caster, we determined the basin could be mainly underground, located beneath the parking lot, and require only a shallow detention area above ground. The City of Naperville agreed to the new plan and the subterranean basin solution was implemented.