Expanding county services through creative design of a modern-day government facility.

Government Complex Judicial Office Annex
DuPage County
Wheaton, IL

DuPage County hired a joint venture team of Wight & Company and HOK to provide design-build services for the Judicial Office Facility Annex, our fifth design opportunity to assist the county with developing the government complex. The Judicial Office Annex brings together functions of the civil, criminal, and domestic relations branches on the county government site.

Our team developed a new facility with a three-level pedestrian link that allows easy flow between the old and new buildings. High ceilings and large windows create a feeling of openness and expandable spaces allow for future growth. Our team’s extensive court design experience facilitated early coordination of the complex relationships of circulation within the courthouse: segregated secure circulation and holding facilities for inmates at courtrooms, private circulation for judges and court staff, and public circulation serving courtrooms and support agencies. Similar coordination occurred to assure proper acoustics, security, and operations.