An in-depth analysis was required to validate previous conclusions and recommendations.

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Performing an accurate and comprehensive independent review of environmental and traffic studies.

Independent Professional Engineering Assessment at the Mark Center
US Department of Defense
Alexandria, VA

Wight & Company, as part of a partnership with Acelsior, Inc., was selected to perform an independent review of two reports that had been creating controversy within the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Under the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC) Number 133, over 6,000 Department of Defense personnel were mandated to be relocated from leased spaces in Washington DC to a new development as an annex to Fort Belvoir. USACE studied this relocation and conducted a site selection process, documented in the Final Environmental Assessment. Later the USACE prepared a Transportation Management Plan for the BRAC 133, studying strategies for reducing single occupancy vehicle trips to the new site in order to mitigate traffic congestion.

Controversy over the project, due to the size of the development and the choice of a site which was not walking distance to a rail station, necessitated an independent review of the USACE studies leading up to the selection. Under Wight’s leadership, the USACE technical analysis and NEPA process was scrutinized to determine whether or not the conclusions and recommendations had been appropriate. A final report was prepared, detailing the findings of the independent review, and submitted to the Department of Defense.