Creating a women’s health and fitness facility that is both beautiful and environmentally efficient.

Ladies' Health Center
Kuwait Oil Company
Ahmadi, Al Ahmadi, Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) asked Wight & Company to design a Ladies Health Center for corporate employees and their families. Our design for the Ladies Health Center includes a 10,000 sf natatorium with a retractable roof, café, spa/salon, prayer room, and daycare. Sustainable features include biofilters, daylighting strategies, electrochromic glass, and more; resulting in an onsite renewable energy offset of 15 percent and anticipated LEED-Platinum certification for the facility.

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Secret Garden

Designed as a “Secret Garden,” the Ladies Health Center includes a fitness facility and a natatorium with a four-lane lap swimming pool, leisure pool for aqua aerobics, and children’s pool with water feature. A Jacuzzi and cold plunge are located in a space with a slightly curved, retractable roof. We limited landscaping on the outside of the Ladies Health Center and instead created two landscaped courtyards on the interior. Spaces surrounding the courtyards will be sky-lit from above. The Ladies Health Center also includes a prayer room in the main hall with a biofilter, or “Living Wall” that filters the air through the roots of plants. Because this is a ladies facility, privacy was paramount in its design. A screen wall around the facility protects occupants from views while maintaining the ability to see out of the building.

Thinking Green

Due to the hostile climate in Kuwait, sustainable strategies were a top priority for our team. We harnessed the power of the sun to heat water collected on the roof. We installed Earth Tubes, a passive cooling system located underneath the building, that pulls air into tubes and use the earth’s temperature to cool the air and circulate it back into building. A Variant Refrigerant Air System reduces the amount of air needed for the Earth Tubes. Electrochromic glass, programmed to control the amount of sunlight entering into the building depending on the time of day and season, was also included in our design for the facility.