The project was conceived to help eliminate traffic and safety issues for passengers as well as pedestrians using the bike path and sidewalk.

Coordinating with municipal, county, and railroads to implement a complex roadway widening project.

Ridge Road Widening
Grundy County
Chicago, IL

Grundy County hired Wight & Company to provide Phase I and II engineering services for the Grundy County Ridge Road project. The project included the widening of Ridge Road from two to five lanes with a sidewalk/bikepath to be constructed immediately adjacent to the road. Additionally, a new steel through plate girder structure was provided over Ridge Road and the at-grade CSX rail crossing was widened.

Phase I services included existing railroad bridge condition inspection and report, concept and staging plans for roadway and railroad bridge, traffic counts, studies and evaluation of Right of Way, and all NEPA work and coordination. The Phase I study also included evaluation of alternate rail crossings and reconfiguration of existing rail corridors, including design of the approximately one-mile-long, five-lane-wide roadway alignment, profile, drainage, lighting, utilities, intersection design, driveway modifications, and maintenance of traffic.