Support Services

Wight & Company’s Support Services begin prior to groundbreaking and extend beyond construction warranty. We strategically complement design and construction efforts through a variety of service offerings that enhance the project process. More than 90% of Wight & Company’s architectural, design-build, and/or construction projects benefit from our Support Services.

Our approach is focused on streamlining the project process and ensuring long-term client satisfaction. Our efforts are seamlessly integrated with architecture, engineering, and construction activities throughout the Design & Delivery process, and we can provide any/all of the following services on an as-needed basis.


Wight & Company is committed to running every job site in a responsible and professional manner. We select and monitor the performance of sub-contractors to ensure compliance with all safety, quality, and project requirements.

Throughout the duration of each project, our team conducts both formal and informal evaluations of sub-contractors to ensure that all work, services, and products meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of the client, as well as Wight & Company’s own standards.


We perform a thorough examination of construction documents and specifications for potential conflicts, errors, and omissions that might increase costs and create problems during construction. This analysis is performed at critical junctures during the design phases to avoid interdisciplinary conflicts and other design issues.

Our team’s insights on construction methods and feasibility can help reduce risks, while supporting the bidding process through development of accurate and high-quality final construction documents.

Cost Estimating

Expanding the traditional approach of cost estimating only at major design milestones, Wight & Company includes an estimator on each project team from the beginning of pre-construction through design and construction completion. This integrated approach helps the team to continuously balance the evolving project against the client’s budget.

Wight & Company has a proven track record of estimating accuracy, consistently delivering projects below the guarantee and averaging savings of about 1% of the project value back to owners.

We provide a variety of estimating services—from conceptual cost estimating to detailed construction estimates to trade contractor verified costs. 

Long Lead Procurement 

Today’s complex construction projects and a demanding market depend on the efficient procurement of equipment, materials, and services. At the earliest possible stages of a project, we’ll identify long lead items and develop an efficient process for sourcing, specifying, and managing delivery as efficiently as possible to expedite the construction schedule.

Our team also maintains regular communication with go-to vendors and suppliers, while coordinating the entire submittal, manufacturing, and delivery process.

MEP/FP Coordination

Wight & Company is skilled in the selection and management of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection (MEP/FP) engineering subcontractors early in the design or pre-construction phase to optimize quality and efficiency.

We are experienced in developing clearly defined and detailed scope narratives for use in pursuing and evaluating competitive bids for MEP/FP installation work. 

And our team can also manage the design effort of MEP/FP engineering consultants to facilitate a streamlined project process.


Pre-construction is one of the most important parts of a construction project, as the decisions made during this phase can significantly affect the overall budget, schedule, and quality of a building project.

We work alongside project teams, clients, user groups, and stakeholders during a project’s earliest stages to clearly define parameters and expectations. Our focus is to maximize constructability, evaluate building materials and systems, value engineer early designs, and provide an accurate budget and schedule. 

By closely collaborating with our partners from the beginning of a project, we facilitate a seamless transition from design activities to site activities.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Budget development
  • Cost estimating
  • Master scheduling
  • Phasing/Sequencing
  • Critical path scheduling
  • Value engineering/analysis
  • Constructability review
  • Long-lead procurement review
  • Trade package scope development
  • Subcontractor marketing
  • Bid process management
  • Bid analysis and scope review
  • Award recommendations


At Wight & Company, we believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility. We take a proactive approach to safety management to protect our people, our partners, and our projects from safety incidents. 

At the beginning of each project, a Wight & Company safety manager develops a site-specific safety program that is enforced on a daily basis. Our team also develops a safety logistics plan to minimize the potential for a safety incident and maintain an environment that is conducive to the construction process.

We follow all OSHA requirements as a standard practice in day-to-day activities and truly stand by the phrase ‘Safety First’ for all our employees, workers, and subcontractors.


For each project, we develop a detailed critical path method schedule (CPM) that considers all project activities, including design, permitting, approvals, as well as construction, commissioning, and closeout. The CPM is connected to and cross-referenced with the detailed construction schedule, which includes project implementation milestones and is updated regularly to reflect project developments.  These simple, focused schedules allow for a greater level of coordination among the different trades, and can also alert the Design & Delivery teams to potential issues or conflicts.

Site/Construction Logistics

We work closely with our clients to maintain uninterrupted operation of facilities during construction. This includes developing area-by-area site logistics plans to ensure ease of operation; employee, staff, and visitor safety; and clear separation of construction from non-construction zones.

Building system replacement is planned and construction-sequenced to maintain full operation of existing systems until the new systems are installed and ready for cut-over. In some cases, the new systems can be installed, activated, and tested prior to the cut-over, ensuring a fully operational facility at all times.

Because most building systems provide for life safety functions as well as occupant comfort, proper planning and execution is vital to maintaining a safe environment.


Value Engineering

Much more than simply an exercise to reduce project cost, our “Value-Added Value Engineering” process provides design teams with valuable insight to make informed decisions about opportunities and alternate methods to meet a project’s budget and schedule requirements. Unlike a traditional value engineering process, our integrated Design & Delivery approach provides an objective, client-focused agenda of value. Our value engineering team is adept at evaluating proposed design, construction materials, and systems to determine if there are more cost-effective options to achieve comparable results. We evaluate the impact on initial cost of construction, operations, maintenance, and life-cycle cost.

This process can improve project teamwork, increase value, identify hidden costs, reduce scheduling, and meet budgetary requirements.


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