The new Kankakee County Animal Control Facility is a hybrid addition/renovation venture that transformed an old, single-story Fire & Police Equipment shop into a 7,945 sf headquarters for the Animal Control staff. The renovated portion of the existing structure serves as the hub for the Animal Control personnel and their sheltered cats that reside just across the main circulation corridor. A sizable lobby is located adjacent to these spaces to serve as a welcoming entry point for visitors. Upon arrival, guests are provided a direct view into the social cat area, which houses numerous furry friends looking to find their forever homes.

The Animal Control team also shelters a large quantity of dogs which can vary each month based upon adoption rates and required animal rescues. It was pivotal to separate the dogs from the cats, so this function was strategically placed within the new addition. Doing so allowed the shared service areas (laundry, food prep, exam rooms) to act as both acoustic and physical barriers between the two animal species. A total of 26 indoor/outdoor kennels were provided in the north addition. Staff members can give dogs daily access to the outdoors via pulley-operated doors that lead to individual exterior kennels. While this space is adequate for the dogs to move around, they can also be taken, one by one, to large exterior play yards (roughly 800 sf) for exercise and recreation.

The remaining west wing of the addition serves as a garage and storage zone, with separate access paths to the dog and cat intake areas. The project was completed on time and under budget, whilst leaving the client with a durable, functional home with space to accommodate future growth, be it human or animal.

Photo Credit: Larry Kmiecik, Kmiecik Imagery

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