Our goal is to create a meaningful impact by doing what matters most in the communities we touch.
The vital pulse of creativity is present in all our projects and all who create them. It’s been that way for eight decades and will continue to be the guiding promise of our future.

More than two decades ago, we were the first to offer a Design Led-Design Build process, integrating the services of architecture, engineering and construction. This seamless, multidisciplinary model continues to offer clients who choose it an unprecedented savings of time and budget.

A culture of deep, personal commitment with a purpose of heart.

Our multidisciplinary expertise and depth of team experience promise design and delivery excellence, and innovative solutions with unprecedented savings of time and budget. We are passionate about sustainable design strategies that transcend materiality — that activate client mission, nurture culture, motivate success and enrich the human experience.

We bring together experts from different disciplines to work collaboratively as a single unit. This integrated approach simplifies the process of bringing buildings to life.

Our culture of excellence extends throughout the organization, influencing our approach to project leadership, the way our teams collaborate with clients, and our commitment to innovation.

Wight & Company pioneered an approach that allows us to explore impactful design ideas while also raising the level of excellence related to design deliverables. By seamlessly integrating in-house expertise in visualization technology, documentation, and implementation early in the traditional design process, we are able to improve the quality of final drawings and more clearly communicate design intent to construction teams. Our approach results in a more efficient process, as well as reduced change orders and overall cost savings for our clients.