Beyond Your Base (BYB)—a consulting group of Wight—takes public engagement to the next level. To elevate the voice of the community, BYB uses a customized, multi-phase approach that includes in-person community engagement strategies, voter analytics, social media, direct mail, public opinion research and more.

BYB’s clients are able to deliver funding proposals that are truly the community’s plan and which are much more likely to garner strong support at the ballot box. And when BYB’s public engagement services are integrated with Wight’s facility assessment and master planning process, public entities are able to achieve a higher level of synergy and efficiency.

Led by Managing Director Paul Hanley, who has been involved with hundreds of successful public engagement projects the past 31 years, BYB is committed to raising the bar when it comes to involving and respecting local taxpayers in the pre-referendum planning process and beyond.

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