Our Mission
Our responsibility to our clients is to do more than reflect who they are today—it is to enlighten and to design for them the potential of who they can be, to guide design thinking in advance about next-generation issues. It has never been our mission to populate the world with more structures, but rather to create meaningful impact with humanitarian design that is sensitive to the needs of those it serves and sustainable for the environment it inhabits. We are dedicated to top-tier design that activates our clients’ mission, nurtures their culture, motivates success and enriches the human experience by making the communities they touch more vital, sustainable, safe and equitable.

Our Craft
While we design and build across a diverse range of markets, the most important thing we build for each client is a relationship of trust. As design-thinking advocates, we listen closely and immerse deeply to understand our clients completely. As design visionaries, we inspire, challenge and innovate solutions to discover mutual success. As industry pioneers, our unique Design Led-Design Build approach offers clients the most complete option of integrated architecture, engineering and construction services. This multidisciplinary practice connects architects to the cost implications of their design decisions and empowers collaboration to discover the most creative and responsible solutions. Clients choosing this more holistic process benefit from an unprecedented savings of time and money.

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Wight & Company has always been in the business of building deep and lasting relationships.

Mark Wight, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

80 Years Forward
Wight & Company’s recognition as top-ranked leaders in architecture, engineering and construction celebrates over 80 years of our continuing passion to make a better world. Founded in 1939 by Col. Raulin B. Wight as a civil engineering firm, our legacy is one of innovating ideas, technologies and responsible solutions ahead of their time. We disrupted the industry more than two decades ago with integrated Design Led-Design Build services, promising design and delivery excellence at unrivaled schedules and budgets. For more than 30 years, we have been at the forefront of delivering environmental solutions that at the time were not yet visualized and eventually became mainstream behind us. Today, with the leadership of Chairman and CEO Mark Wight, we are a visionary and vibrant family of more than 200 design, engineering and construction specialists, each dedicated to creating meaningful impact in the world today and in perpetuity.