Many people come to Wight and stay. We like that about our employees. We also like what that says about us—Wight is a great place to build a career. The Wight experience includes ongoing opportunities to contribute to important projects for exceptional clients; a dynamic, high-performance work environment that fosters innovation, collaboration and fun; and a culture that supports teamwork and thoughtful risk-taking.

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Excellence is at the center of Wight & Company’s dynamic culture. Our Culture of Excellence drives our ongoing focus on iteration, innovation and an immersive process. It’s a mindset that extends throughout our organization, influencing our approach to project leadership, the way our teams engage with clients and the strategic partnerships we form. Our Culture of Excellence is perpetuated by our passion for trying new things, our willingness to challenge the status quo and our inherent desire to solve challenges.

Because we believe that good design is good business, we’ve created a workplace where design thinking is cultivated and celebrated. Also embedded in our DNA is a relentless curiosity and a collaborative spirit that drive us to constantly explore new ways to delight our clients.

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Wight & Company is always looking for top talent to join our dynamic, ever-growing workforce.

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Internship Program
Our summer internship program equips college students with hands-on project experience and personalized mentoring. Students who participate in an internship at Wight gain valuable experience and get the opportunity to develop their skills and learn from diverse professionals across the firm. The comprehensive experience includes contributing as full members of project teams, learning technical and client relationship skills, and building valuable relationships with other interns through ongoing networking and recreational activities.

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Internal Programs
We provide a variety of internal programs at Wight to develop and inspire our employees and provide opportunities for growth.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council provides ongoing opportunities for Wight & Company’s future leaders to actively participate in the firm’s evolution. Members of this core team learn about the firm’s operations and performance while contributing their ideas and developing their strategic leadership skills.

Sustainability Center of Excellence

The Sustainability Center of Excellence works together to inspire innovative action within Wight. It also develops the Wight Sustainability Standard, a set of criteria that guides project teams in implementing sustainable design, engineering, and construction practices on all projects.

By measuring the sustainability performance of projects and tracking the progress of project teams, Wight is committed to remaining at the leading edge of the industry.