Our team was awarded the prestigious national ACEC Engineering Excellence Award for our outstanding contributions to the Illinois Tollway I-294 / I-57 Interchange Phase Two project. We couldn't be prouder of the positive impact our engineering solutions have had on fostering better connectivity within our community. This recognition honors not only the successful outcome of the project but also the exceptional coordination and commitment of a team joining together to make a difference.

The I-294 / I-57 interchange, which connects two interstates, changes the course of regional mobility. For decades, I-294 and I-57 crossed each other in the Chicago Southland but did not connect. Limited access to some communities stalled economic growth by making it more difficult and time-consuming for commercial vehicles to transport materials and products. The access provided by the new interchange will not only improve the flow of goods but will also serve as a catalyst for job creation and economic development throughout the region.

Upon reflection, a particular point of pride for this project was the successful coordination between the Tollway, IDOT, TYLin, Wight, and other state and local agencies. In support of sustainable practices, the Tollway and Wight partnered to develop electronic construction innovations, including a mobile project inspection system enabling the digital capture and collection of all relevant data. Wight also explored how a 3D model can be used during construction to verify as-built conditions and identify discrepancies prior to construction. These tools allow for more efficient collaboration between all parties, greatly contributing to the successful completion of the project.

Our commitment to Engineering Excellence has endured for more than 84 years and fuels our mission to build a better world. As we celebrate this recognition, we are grateful for the opportunities now and in the future, to bring our mission to life.

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