If states are moving to an all-mail election, what does that mean for the citizen-led campaign committees advocating for school district bond measures and other referenda? Do all-mail elections provide advantages to districts seeking additional funding?

Beyond Your Base (BYB) is a public affairs and pre-referendum consulting group that Wight & Company launched in 2019. When integrated with our facility assessment and master planning process, such pre-referendum work helps public entities seeking funding for capital improvements achieve a higher level of coordination and efficiency in preparing for a possible referendum.

BYB Managing Director Paul Hanley has created an insightful new document, "Do Bond Election Strategies Change If States Move to All-Mail Elections?" In it, he explores the following:

  • Election day is not on election day
  • All-mail elections are somewhat easier to manage
  • It’s like riding a wave for three weeks
  • Tracking tools help stretch a campaign’s budget
  • No, your referendum is not suddenly a slam dunk

Download a PDF of the document to learn more about each of these important topics.

As a result of COVID-19, both challenges and opportunities have arisen for BYB’s clients as well as the citizen-led campaign committees tasked with advocating for bond ballot measures. A recent article by Paul that appeared in District Administration captures a behind-the-scenes look at campaign-related decisions being made during the pandemic. Combined with a new 10-parts series on election strategy that BYB will be introducing soon, this content provides a comprehensive yet concise examination of key challenges facing the electorate in a year that's witnessed extraordinary circumstances.

BYB’s focus is on engaging taxpayers and other stakeholders to deliver capital improvement projects that are truly community-driven. Wight & Company sees tremendous value in what the BYB team can deliver to municipalities, school districts, community colleges, park districts and other public entities. The group’s services seamlessly align with Wight’s facilities master planning efforts and commitment to community engagement.

Learn more about Beyond Your Base's approach and services at beyondyourbase.com.