Evolving design strategies and technologies have moved the needle on net-zero energy (NZE) buildings that produce as much energy on-site as they consume and are paving the way for advancing a more sustainable future. However, building to net-zero energy standards still comes at a premium. The renewable systems, higher-performing building envelope, and mechanical and solar infrastructures that work together to create the net-zero performance—as well as the necessary submetering that helps owners understand and evaluate energy usage—all add to a project’s bottom line.

Because of these higher costs, many parks and recreation districts often settle for building sustainable projects that don’t meet net-zero energy performance. However, grants can make all the difference between a net-zero project and a sustainable one and, fortunately, a number of nonprofits and governmental organizations are committed to providing financial support to America’s parks and recreation projects to ensure they are responsible consumers of natural resources and to address issues of climate change.

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