Wight & Company is excited to have Erleen Hatfield, Managing Partner of the Hatfield Group, a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm based in New York City, join us as a guest presenter for our 2020 Town Hall Speaker Series.

Erleen's presentation will share insights into the design approach of large scale, long span structures. A discussion of how new ideas are generated, how new materials are incorporated into building designs, and the implementation of new technology to achieve the design goals will be shared. Stadium designs will be discussed, including the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta (pictured above), which has a host of engineering innovations in its pioneering design. The 72,000 seat stadium features a 723' long span steel retractable roof with 8 moving petals that open like a camera lens.

Erleen has over 25 years of experience in the design of complex structures worldwide. She frequently writes and presents on topics related to innovation and technology in engineering and architecture. Her firm, Hatfield Group, focuses on synthesis of engineering and architecture, putting client value first. Hatfield Group uses bespoke engineering design, technology, and innovation to achieve their clients’ goals.

With a keen appreciation for design and sustainability, she has worked on iconic buildings around the world, including the Atlanta Falcons new retractable roof stadium, 9/11 Memorial Museum, The Tower at PNC Plaza, The New York Times Tower, and more.

She was featured on the Science Channel’s TV show “Building Giants” and the History Channel’s “Project Impossible.” Erleen sits on numerous industry boards in the USA and teaches at the Yale University School of Architecture. She is both a licensed engineer and architect, plus a LEED BD+C certified professional.

Learn more about the design and engineering of the stadium in the video below.