We were honored to join the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County at the groundbreaking for the new Willowbrook Wildlife Center. In 2019, and previously in 2010, Wight provided facility and site development master planning as well as schematic design services for Willowbrook, a wildlife care and rehabilitation facility. The next phase will be the construction of a highly efficient animal-care facility with improved workflow and amenities to support the center’s more than 9,600 animal admittances per year. As Patrick Cermak, President and Chief Operating Officer of Wight & Company, explains, “this facility is a great example of how strong relationships and partnerships are critical to mutual success.”

Our long-term partnership with the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County has resulted in over a dozen projects, including the District headquarters built in 2000. Additionally, Wight completed developmental and design work on the District headquarters, Danada Visitor Garden and Blackwell Fleet Services Building. Within the Danada Forest Preserve, Wight developed Ada’s Saddle Up, the Clubhouse Garden, and sustainable stormwater management techniques that could take run-off from existing buildings near the gardens. Wight also assisted with the exterior design and estimating for the new fleet service building in the Blackwell Forest Preserve.

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County provides a variety of benefits to the citizens of DuPage County, as well as to those who come from neighboring counties and states to enjoy the District’s preserves, education centers, historical sites and recreational opportunities. Designed as a net-zero facility, the new Willowbrook Wildlife Center will further the District’s commitment to the responsible and sustainable preservation and use of the natural lands, waterways, plant and animal life under its protection for current and future generations. We look forward to working together with the District to bring this project to life.

We are pleased to share this video from the Willowbrook Wildlife Center. For even more information on the Master Plan project, visit their website: https://www.dupageforest.org/n...