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As Director of Architecture, Laura Batterberry leads the design, technical aspects, and management of Wight's architecture group, which is focused on process, quality, and development of staff to achieve their best work. She brings a valuable blend of technical skills, creative aptitude, and team leadership to the practice. With a very schedule-oriented approach, Laura focuses on effective communication, prioritization, and timely quality-driven decision making. She works closely with clients from project inception to implementation, always being mindful of the balance between design, budget, and schedule.

Laura has over 20+ years of experience in architecture, with a client list spanning from K-12 to higher education to county government. She has advanced knowledge of federal, state, and local building administrative codes relating to building projects, knowledge of modern architectural methods, and a background in solving complex architectural design and construction problems. With respect for all, Laura continues to push for inclusion, integration, and collaboration across Wight's practice with a goal to elevate our industry and its impact on the communities we live in.