Aptakisic Tripp School District 102 is one of just a small percentage of districts across the nation being honored with the Best Communities for Music Education designation. Due to a dramatic increase in enrollment, the District required grade-level changes across their campuses, including the relocation of the sixth grade class to the junior high school. To accommodate the additional grade level, the fine arts and music program was relocated to a new addition: the Aptakisic Music and Arts Center.

The new center celebrates the notion of ‘putting music on display’, through both the architecture itself and the activities and functions happening within. Through strategic use of glass, students can be seen performing, practicing, and learning. Five instructional spaces center around a shared music commons. This music commons encourages interaction and connectedness among the arts; housing such functions as practice rooms, instrument storage, an art gallery, and a performance platform for small accompaniments.

Putting music & learning on display.

The Synergy Between Music and Architecture.

The new center celebrates the parallels between music and architecture. Rhythm, texture, harmony, and proportion are as much musical qualities as they are architectural. Patterns in the masonry, lighting, wood, and glass display different scales, proportions, and rhythms. Even the light fixtures in the music commons are inspired by the rhythm and arrangement of keys on a piano.

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