A signature component of the DuPage County Government Center is Wight’s design and installation of the Veterans War Memorial. Positioned at the center of campus and sited on a peninsula engaging a large pond, the memorial creatively honors over 800 county heroes killed in military conflicts at home and abroad, beginning with the Black Hawk War in 1887 and continuing on to our most recent engagements overseas. The memorial was designed as a sundial to symbolize the temporal nature of war and illustrate the chronology of our nation’s conflicts.

The use of this ageless clock transcends time by acknowledging the great human sacrifice that surrounds all wars, past and future. Each day the shadow of the sundial gnomon passes over every name in a daily remembrance of those who gave their lives for their country. The memorial is also an astronomically correct timepiece that measures not only the time of day but also the month of year and solstices of the sun.

Civic Du Page County Veterans War Memorial 5
Civic Du Page County Veterans War Memorial 2