Ten years following Leeco Steel’s signed lease at Arboretum Lakes, the company was faced with a lease expiration during the pandemic. The decision to stay, go elsewhere, or close and work 100% remote was top of mind. Wight was their “go-to” design architect to assist with this decision. After many conversations and various test-fit studies, Leeco committed to staying and adopting a completely transformed, updated environment. The lunch room became a café with specialty lighting and a new wood ceiling. Branding imagery, down to molten metal images on their pinball machine, celebrated the company as leading steel plate distributors. After providing interior desgn/architecture services a decade ago, Wight was honored to know that checking in with Leeco over the years paid off with an experiential, fresh reboot. Their employees love the remodel and feel very valued and excited with the new changes.

Project highlights include:

  • Branding and back-lit LED display elements
  • Upgrades to all lighting
  • Enhanced flat screen technology for all offices
  • New game room
  • Informal collaborative team rooms
  • Technology upgrades to board room
Leeco Remodel 03
Leeco Remodel 02
Leeco Remodel 05
Leeco Remodel 04