Wight is providing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) consulting services to HDR Engineering for the NICTD Double Track Project on the South Shore Line. The Double Track Project is a 25.1-mile expansion of the South Shore Line from single track to double track, between Gary and Michigan City, Indiana. The Project was accepted into Project Development and is anticipated to be processed as an Environmental Assessment (EA) through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Wight’s role on the project is to provide guidance and direction through the NEPA process. We helped prepare the Annotated Outline and Purpose and Need documentation for the project and have provided the team with a Strategic NEPA Workplan, which outlines a process for getting the project through the NEPA phase, as well as through Project Development. Wight has also developed the Risk Register or Risk Matrix for the Project and provided support by reviewing the draft EA and associated technical memoranda for the EA.