SEIU HCII is an employee service union representing home health care, nursing home, and child care for over 91,000 workers in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. In 2012, Wight & Company worked with SEIU HCII to consolidate and relocate three separate office locations into a renovated space that featured a meeting hall and training facilities. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, SEIU HCII re-evaluated how they use their office space and how to best meet the needs of members while at the same time ensuring a safe workplace for employees. This project represents a long-standing relationship as their interior design partner.

The project focused on a renovation of the first floor, replacing a large training room with open space and centralized reception visible from both entrances. In addition to enhanced spaces to better meet member needs, organization leadership intentionally included dedicated spaces for employees to ensure a sense of safety and well-being at work. Brand activation through color palettes, imagery, and décor brings it all together to foster a sense of community for members and employees alike. In addition to the internal work completed in April 2022, structural work continues on a deck and canopy off of first floor, which will create an outdoor collaboration and gathering space.

Photo Credit: James Steinkamp Photography