Wight & Company provided a full facility assessment and stabilization report for the historic Stockyard Bank Building located on the south side of Chicago. After almost 50 years of being the financial hub for the Chicago Union Stockyards, the bank was vacated in 1973. The purpose of the report was to document the current conditions of the project and to propose modifications to stabilize the building and subsequently bring it to an occupiable state.

For this project, Wight partnered with the City of Chicago’s Department of Assets, Information and Services (AIS) to carry out a number of necessary improvements, including shoring up public safety (exterior) in terms of falling or deteriorating elements; ensuring the building is watertight (roof and basement specifically); making the interior safe and secure; and creating a space that’s usable and functional (MEP systems).

Phase I of the report summarized the critical stabilization work that was completed in 2020. Part II of the report included drawings, narratives and scope matrices showcasing our recommendations for rehabilitating the building to meet modern code requirements and comply with historical guidelines. The construction cost for Part II work is estimated to be $23.9 million.

Stockyard Bank 02
Stockyard Bank 03
Stockyard Bank 04
Stockyard Bank 01