Since 1998, Community High School District 99 (District 99) has proudly offered continued educational services to hundreds of students with special needs through its Transition 99 Program. By experiencing coursework that includes vital life and work skills after high school, students receive the foundation they need to grow and to be productive, contributing members in the community. Through the support of the community and the District 99 Board of Education, a comprehensive expansion was completed in the fall of 2023 to accommodate growing enrollment in the T99 Program.

One of the primary goals of the transition program is to facilitate a smooth integration into adult life. This includes helping young adults develop essential life skills such as personal care, time management, and self-responsibility. The new addition houses two, fully-equipped “teaching kitchens,” which include prep islands, stainless steel equipment, and proper lighting to provide a more authentic, and less clinical, learning environment. Since this facility serves students from both high schools, a careful blend of school spirit and identity from both schools was incorporated into the interior design.

The teaching kitchens are directly connected to a large common room. The openness and flexibility of this space allow for a multitude of functions, making the common room a key asset of the program as community collaboration, workforce expectations, and the diversity of student needs continue to evolve. The addition also includes additional classrooms, office space, and sensory rooms.

Overall, the T99 building expansion represents a pivotal investment in the future of the District 99 community. By providing the spaces for comprehensive support, fostering personal growth, and promoting independence, these facility improvements help ensure that every young adult has the opportunity to thrive.

Photo Credit: Connor Steinkamp, Steinkamp Photography

T99 Transition Center 04
T99 Transition Center 05