Since 1939, Wight has worked alongside our clients to transform places and the way people and vehicles move in them. Our transportation and infrastructure group plans, designs, manages, and inspects projects of all scales. A pioneer in the use of new industry technology, we help clients minimize risk and meet the project schedule and budget. Through open and honest dialogue, we collaborate with our clients to perfect the vision for their project. We aim for simplicity in design and work toward solutions that will have the greatest positive impact.

Wight has completed all types of transportation and infrastructure projects. We have experience working with roadway and transit systems for local, county, and state agencies; and have completed Phase I, II, and III Engineering projects. Our accomplished team brings a high level of technical expertise to each assignment. They provide creative design solutions and a passion for the environment.

We know that projects have the most impact when they just work — when they make users’ lives easier, the space equitable, and the environment healthier. To ensure this success, we customize our solutions for each project. With a staff of 185 specialists, we provide personal, responsive service to every client. As a local firm, Wight values your project’s contribution to the community – it directly impacts the quality of life for our staff and their families.

Our Services

Phase 1: Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Studies

A clear project vision emerges from close collaboration with our clients. When we partner with municipalities, counties, and agencies like Illinois Tollway, IDOT, Metra, CTA, and CDOT, Wight brings expertise in effective planning. This requires the integration of multiple disciplines to refine the project definition, establish the project delivery plan, and manage the associated risks and mitigation measures. We take this collaboration seriously and engage our discipline leaders at critical points in the project development process to limit your liabilities and position you for successful delivery.

Phase II: Design

Good design sets the stage for transformation and innovation in the built environment. We value simplicity and strive to eliminate the unnecessary from the design in order to create a timeless expression. Our team has prepared Phase II plans, specifications, and estimates for a wide range of projects. We know how to prepare bid documents that will lead to high-quality solutions and positive reviews from IDOT and similar agencies. Our experience includes large projects with state and federal funding, so we can comfortably navigate the complex processes required to make your project a reality.

Phase III: Construction

Construction transforms a project idea into reality. Wight's decades of experience have given us the expertise to facilitate smooth project delivery for all stakeholders. We know the best construction processes produce minimal disruptions, and that often the best finished projects bring just the right amount of change. We have experience with construction at various scales, from municipal resurfacing to interstate interchange construction, and know that each project, no matter the scope, has the potential for outsized impact on its community. We also know that most public infrastructure projects are complex prototypes that can lead to delays. Our focused and intentional approach works to identify and resolve critical schedule issues to streamline project delivery for the public interest.