The 44,200 square foot Techny Prairie Activity Center (TPAC) is Northbrook Park District’s first-ever dedicated indoor recreation facility. This future-forward and highly efficient building achieved the prestigious PHIUS+ & Source Zero Certification and is verified net zero energy in alignment with the Park District's ongoing commitment to sustainability. From the beginning, the Board demonstrated its commitment to creating a net zero energy building. This proactive approach allowed our team of designers and engineers to optimize the efficiency of building systems and was an essential factor in the success of the project.

In addition to an unwavering focus on energy conservation during the design phase, the District has assembled a team of dedicated staff members who understand that the project's mission is vital. These individuals play a crucial role in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the building.

"Designing for Net Zero Energy does not always result in a Net Zero building - good design is only the first step. To achieve and maintain net zero, it takes ongoing team commitment and continuous love after the building is occupied."

Zhongdi Chen, P.E., BEMP, CPHC®, Building Performance Engineer, Wight & Company

We are pleased to share this article from Illinois Green Alliance highlighting dedicated staff and stakeholders at Techny Prairie Activity Center and their passionate efforts to help the building meet energy efficiency goals.

Lessons from a Net Zero Building Operator: Management Requires Continuous Monitoring and Dedicated Staff (June 2023)

The success of the Techny Prairie Activity Center underscores the importance of dedicated and attentive management in achieving project goals. We are grateful for the support of the District’s stakeholders – together, we have created a remarkable net zero energy building that serves as a model for future sustainable projects.