We’re honored to announce that two of our projects have received the coveted Award of Merit from the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB).

The first project, Patriot Wellness Center, has been recognized for its innovative approach to school design and its impact on creating inspiring and functional learning spaces for students.

The second project, Lincoln Elementary School, has also been acknowledged for its design excellence and positive influence on the educational experience.

These awards reaffirm our commitment to fostering sustainable environments where education can truly flourish and remind us of the importance of thoughtful and purposeful design in shaping the future of our schools.

Thank you to the IASB for recognizing our work among such talented and dedicated professionals in the field of school design. We are grateful to our clients and partners for entrusting us with these incredible opportunities.

And a special thank you to the dedicated team here at Wight for their countless hours of hard work, creativity, and collaboration that made these projects a reality. Here's to more exciting projects, continued growth, and a deep commitment to creating spaces that inspire and empower the leaders of tomorrow.