CDK Global provides digital marketing and IT solutions for the automobile industry. As a new corporation, the firm was poised to build on its 40-year legacy. With over 6,500 employees globally, CDK had the opportunity to redefine corporate workplace standards and create environments that would address the challenges of an evolving mobile workforce.

Wight has been CDK’s design partner for over a decade and has assisted on projects in 10 states throughout the US and Globally. In 2022, CDK Global relocated its Austin office to a new LEED-certified building, Domain 2.5. The new location is within an exciting neighborhood that houses various other well-known tech companies. Even though CDK is a global firm, they wanted to embrace some characteristics local to Austin, while still honoring the CDK Global collaborative culture. This was achieved through the warmth in the color palette and the eclectic elements reflective of Austin, seen in detail like the textural tile patterns, wood slat ceilings, and the glass garage door which opens up the conference area to the rest of the space.

Well-being is an important part of the design. The building and neighborhood offer opportunities for access to the outdoors. Every space inside is bright and filled with natural light, there are various-sized rooms to function for every need and interesting areas for socializing and collaborative teamwork.

Photo Credit: Alex Tice Gray – Impressive Spaces Photography

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CDK redefined corporate workplace standards to create environments that address the challenges of an evolving mobile workforce.

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