Wight provided design and project management services to carefully orchestrate a complex consolidation of business units from eight leased locations into two at 500 West Madison and 227 West Monroe in Chicago, Illinois. This multifaceted project focused on interior office improvements while illustrating a corporate-wide commitment to sustainable building design, construction, and operations.

Corporate Citi Phase I 2
Corporate Citi Phase I 4

Citi Private Bank:

Wight was hired to renovate the new office space for Citigroup’s Private Banking department. The group occupies the second, third, and 24th floor of a high-rise office building in downtown Chicago. The design included private offices, prep kitchen, executive pantry, and a technology-enabled conference center that serves Citigroup’s high-net-worth clientele. New national furniture standards were created and implemented for Citigroup that maximized ergonomics. Energy-saving controls and daylight harvesting were among numerous environmentally friendly features that significantly reduce the overall energy impact of the space.

Corporate Citigroup Phase II 1
Corporate Citigroup Phase II 5

Citi Commercial Banking:

Wight was hired to design an Innovation Lab located at 500 West Madison Street in downtown Chicago. Incorporating a variety of sustainable strategies, or “Shades of Green,” our design included both new and reused office furnishings, carpet with recycled backing, and a reused glass entrance way. The Innovation Lab serves as a “think tank” environment where employees develop new banking concepts and solutions. With its flexible design, the Innovation Lab also gives the company a place to host employee gatherings and networking events.

Corporate Citigroup Phase III 1
Corporate Citigroup Phase III 3

Citi Smith Barney:

Wight was hired to design new office space for the Regional Office of Citi Smith Barney. The project required use of Smith Barney’s existing design standards for build-out of the 33rd, 34th, and a portion of the 35th floor of a high-rise office building located at 227 West Monroe Street in downtown Chicago. The new office space features private offices, trading rooms, conference and closing rooms of various sizes, as well as open work areas. The design emphasizes the visitor experience with high-quality finishes utilized at the reception area and elevator lobby. This was the first sustainable project for Citi Smith Barney and achieved LEED-Gold certification.

Corporate Citigroup Phase IV 4
Corporate Citigroup Phase IV 6

Citi Institutional Service Group:

Wight was hired to renovate 52,000 sf of space on multiple floors within the Franklin Center in downtown Chicago. Our design consolidated 17 individual business units onto three floors and included new state-of-the-art trading turrets for over 170 Citi traders wired over 86 miles of cabling located within a compact raised access floor.