Edison Elementary School was the first school to receive improvements as part of a comprehensive modernization program for all facilities throughout Elmhurst CCUSD 205 in Elmhurst, Illinois. In addition to updating the aging infrastructure systems, two major program challenges needed to be addressed:

  1. Creating space for the recently implemented all-day kindergarten curriculum.
  2. Providing choice and independence through flexibility, variety, and visibility in all new and existing spaces.

Because funding resources needed to be stretched across multiple facilities in the District, spaces and programs receiving the most attention were those that would have the biggest impact on the day-to-day, educational experience of the majority of students.

In this case, the library media center was reimagined and relocated to a location of the school that abuts the new kindergarten classroom wing. Select openings along three sides of the space frame views into the library and allow streamlined access for all students and staff. A celebration of color and a theming touch of stylized “elm leaf profiles” make this a happy and playful destination for learning.

The library media center also serves as a catalyst for improvements throughout other portions of the building. New, adjoining hallways are wider than typical and equipped with a variety of furniture, which extends the learning environment beyond the typical classroom. Nooks for breakout instruction are carved out of selected locations in the existing hallways. This makes virtually every square foot of the building usable for learning.

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