Wight provided architectural design and engineering services for a new Police Station and Training Center for the Pennsylvania State Police. The campus serves troopers in Southeast Pennsylvania and acts as a regional training center for continuing education.

The design was primarily a function of the strict security guidelines set forth by the agency. Windows were limited to a minimum size with a required sill height of 6’-0” above the floor to prevent views into the station. Exterior materials were prescribed to be masonry, so a long format split face block was selected and became the basis for a strict, orderly module throughout the building. All block was coursed out precisely and gives the building a clean, uniform appearance. The palette and format continue through the interior finishes in the squad areas, offices, and locker rooms. Feature walls in the lobby and locker rooms display the Call of Honor and Core Values to help reinforce the mission for officers and visitors to the station.

This project features:

  • 15-lane, 150-foot indoor shooting range
  • 3 training classrooms
  • Fitness center
  • Locker rooms for 120 staff
  • Forensics service unit

Photo Credit: John Cole Photography

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