Due to a dramatic increase in enrollment, Aptakisic-Tripp School District 102 (the District) required a larger, updated space to house their Early Childhood program. As part of their current building improvement program, the District asked Wight to reimagine and expand its Early Childhood program by relocating it to the Meridian Middle School campus. This collaboration resulted in the design and construction of a 14,000-sf, state-of-the-art Early Childhood addition to the middle school building.

The shape of the addition, as well as the exterior material selection, reflects and complements the existing facility. Along the south side of the addition, there are window graphics, a sensory garden, and a natural playscape that were created specifically for early childhood learning and enjoyment. The addition aims to fulfill the school’s mission of providing an “open, flexible, and positive” learning experience for all.


2019 Award of Distinction, Major Addition, Excellence in the Design of Educational Environments, Illinois Association of School Boards