The Sacramento Field Office is a new 130,000 sf office building development housing the Sacramento division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Roseville, California. Through its asymmetry and street presence, the facility immediately identifies as a unique structure. The asymmetrical site entrance is reinforced with the angled glass element anchored by the visitor’s entrance. A number of architectural details were employed to reduce the overall appearance of the building to provide a more compatible neighborhood scale. For instance, the primary mass of the building is divided into two main parts—a three-story shape, primarily seen at the base of the building, over which is layered a repeating pattern of window frames on the second and third floors.

There are also two features of continuous vision glass that are applied in areas of importance in the building. The first area is the southeast corner of the building, and the second is the main visitor’s entrance. The southeast corner is the first major view one sees when approaching the building from the east. The glass facade lends some additional visual interest and importance to this corner. At the visitor’s entrance, the ribbon window facade is applied to an angled “wedge” that extends out from the main facade. Both the shape and the glass give this area more visual interest and importance and help identify the building entrance.

This project features include:

  • Secured 11-acre complex with blast-redundant building enclosure
  • Secured, concealed parking for FBI specialty vehicles
  • Redundant mechanical infrastructure and 24/7 capability in mission-critical rooms
  • Standby emergency generator set
  • LEED Silver Certification from the USGBC
FBI Sacramento 06
FBI Sacramento 05