The San Juan Field Office is a five-story office building development housing the San Juan division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The facility creates an evocative building form within a larger landscaped setting to complement the existing federal campus on which it is located. The timeless design combines an updated expression of the tropical modernism inherent to the region. An elegant, delicate horizontality references the island’s louvered and screened architecture with an appreciation of the richness of textures and colors of the natural materials and creative arts of the region.

The design also considers how the building can enhance the surrounding context of the federal campus. A clear circulation sequence for vehicles and pedestrians draws inspiration from the existing green space adjacent to the building, with mature mahogany trees to the north. From here, a tree-lined path that takes its cues from the surrounding landscape connects visitors from the public street to the entrance of the campus, providing a more integrated and greener campus setting.

Project Features:

  • Secured seven-acre complex with blast-redundant building enclosure and progressive collapse
  • Secured, concealed parking for FBI specialty vehicles
  • Redundant mechanical infrastructure and 24/7 capability in mission-critical rooms
  • Standby emergency generator set
  • Sunshades on all elevations of the building
  • Photovoltaic renewable energy sources atop parking canopies
  • Intensive green roof
  • Received LEED Gold Certification from the USGBC
FBI San Juan 05
FBI San Juan 01
FBI San Juan 06
FBI San Juan 04